My Clients

Who I work for

I work for people who are time-poor; for those who want more from their lives and career; to find a partner; to feel comfortable, super stylish and confident. I work with men and women of all ages and my clients include high-flying executives and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds as well as those who lack confidence and just hate shopping. I am dedicated to helping my clients find their style, which is why they often say lovely things about me. 


In The Media

Style Expert

I have appeared on various television programs, in magazines and social media channels as a fashion and style expert. I write frequently about the subject and am often consulted by the fashion industry media. If you’re interested in checking out my media appearances, or would like me to comment on style and fashion please get in touch with me. 


Clients First

Brand independence

Clients are my top priority not the brands I guide them to. This provides objectivity and flexibility when searching for your perfect style, regardless of whether the outfit is high-street or high-end designer. That’s why I am (and always will be) entirely independent of all labels. I do not receive any kind of payment for directing my clients to a brand or retailer. Where I can secure discounts from a brand, I always pass them on directly to you. 


What drives me

Motivated by client satisfaction

I channel over 20 years of fashion retail experience across trend, colour and design direction into helping bring out the best in your style and most importantly give you inspiration and save time. I am driven by how I make my clients feel because there is nothing more satisfying than when I’ve helped them find their in style; that moment when you know exactly what suits you is the best feeling in the world for you; and for me.

But that’s only part of it; it’s the profound effect this has across their lives – they feel more confident and powerful; because they see themselves differently, they behave differently and people see them in a fresh light.