In Style Journey

four step process

Your time is precious and we waste none with random shopping expeditions. My four step process maximises the value you will get from our time spent together because I draw upon over 25 years of first-hand fashion industry knowledge and experience – I know what’s out there and what will suit you. The journey I take you on will reveal a personal sense of style as unique to you as your own thumb print. 

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1  Understand

What do you want

The first step to finding your in style is getting to know you. By understanding who you are we can create a wardrobe that will achieve what you want. I become your personal confidante and shape a deep understanding of your lifestyle, work and ambition, your objectives and challenges. 


Wardrobe Edit

A critical step in our understanding is a top-to-bottom look into your existing wardrobe; how you wear it; what to keep or discard and most importantly what’s missing. This gives me clarity on what garments and brands you love and couldn’t live without; to enable me to build on what you love and introduce you to new style opportunities. 


2 Plan

Your in style program

We create an In Style Program tailored to you, detailing what we will do, how we do it and when. We consider all brands (high, mid range, or a mix of both). We focus on trends relevant to your style, as well as fit and colour palettes to suit you. Once we’ve discussed and fine-tuned the plan I map out exactly where we will shop to save time and energy. 


3  Discover

in store style advisor

We then go shopping together over a pre-determined number of sessions. With me by your side to guide and inspire, we try out different options to form the backbone of your new wardrobe, consider outfits for specific occasions and how they can be mixed with your existing wardrobe. 


4  Evolve

Enhance, refresh, elaborate

I work with clients over the long-term to develop, maintain and evolve their new-found sense of style to account for changes in taste, fashion, seasons and colour trends. I help with fashion emergencies; such as upcoming special occasions, holidays and changes in lifestyle or work.